Providing our clients with the best in Investment Management and Planning Services since 1995


With each and every client, we begin by listening. We want to hear first-hand your needs for asset growth, income and liquidity, principal protection, risk tolerance and tax optimization. Once we are thoroughly familiar with these issues, and have an in-depth understanding of your current financial situation, we then work with you and any other advisers you may have to apply our proven philosophies and methods in equity and fixed income management.

Each KKC client receives personalized attention from an experienced asset manager who has a thorough understanding of the financial markets. From the outset, we explain in detail our mission and our methods for achieving successful long-term results. Our overall goal is to provide every client with peace of mind, as we help you navigate the turbulent investment waters of today’s financial markets. We manage your assets as if they were our own. Let us stress that there’s no danger of conflict of interest for our clients. We do not inventory stocks or bonds for sale to clients, and are not affiliated with anyone who does. Our investment advice to you is totally independent and unbiased, with the sole purpose of maximizing return while minimizing risk.

Personal Attention from Our Experts

The investment decision process at KKC is team-driven. Our understanding of financial statement analysis and appreciation of business operations helps us help our clients to better appreciate the risks and rewards in today’s financial markets. We use a cohesive approach that emphasizes reasoned, rational analysis. We pool our expertise to thoroughly analyze every opportunity from different points of view to remove emotion from the decision-making process and provide our clients with rational, objective guidance. By combining varied, specialized experience and knowledge with an independent analytical process, the KKC team is able to offer a number of interrelated services to fully serve your investment and money management needs.

In order to ensure a very high level of personal attention, each team member serves a limited number of clients at any particular time. Our process and decision-making criteria are tailored to meet your specific needs, and to keep you confident and comfortable every step of the way.